When I saw today's high temp was going to be 70 degrees I got excited for a split second, but then remembered we live in Rochester and we have to deal with the wind all of the time.

Today would have been perfect if it wasn't for those 50 mph wind gusts. The Med City is consistently ranked as one of the top-ten windiest cities in the country so we might not like it, but by now we're all used to it.  (We're also one of the coldest cities in the country - check out that list below)

Thank goodness for my west-facing driveway. We were able to open the garage and sit right inside and enjoy the sunshine and warmth while avoiding the wind. Temps are going to change drastically over the next couple of days before rebounding this weekend.

According to The Weather Channel, our high temp tomorrow will only be 42 degrees. Wednesday will be even cooler will a forecasted high of only 36 degrees. And, it will be windy both days - not as bad as today, but still windy. The good news is there isn't any snow in the forecast which is always possible this time of year.

Thursday we'll get back to the mid-40s, Friday's high will be in the 60s, Saturday will be in the upper 60s, and you'll be able to wear short-sleeves when hunting for Easter eggs. I think most would agree that Easter Egg hunts are much more enjoyable when you don't have to dig through snow to find the eggs. It might be a little breezy on Sunday but it should be really comfortable with a high temp that day in the low 70s.

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