The Almanzo 100, a bike race on gravel, has called Spring Valley home for the past nine years. This year, the race will be making the move out of Southeast Minnesota.

The race started in Rochester, then made it's way south to Spring Valley in 2010. The 2019 events will now be held in Northfield according to a Facebook post on the Almanzo 100's Facebook page. The post was written by Chris Skogen, the coordinator of the race.

On the Facebook post, Skogen mentioned having some troubles getting everything situated with the City of Spring Valley.

According to the post, he said " The first half under the direction of myself, and the latter under Kathy Simpson. This year the event changed hands again, as you know, and is back under my command. On Monday of this week, I reached out to the city of Spring Valley to inquire about reserving a space to host sign-in for the 2019 events. My inquiry was met with an odd, unnecessary question and a very cold declaration of the fees and expectations associated with reserving the space. The exchange was less than welcoming."

You can read the post in full HERE.

Someone did ask the City of Spring Valley why the Almanzo was moving locations, their reply is here:


Although it does look like the Almanzo ride could return to Spring Valley, for 2019 it will be in Northfield.

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