What is the one thing that can put anything back together?

Why, I am talking about Duct Tape. Yes, the invention that could stop sliced bread. How you ask? Well, you duct tape the bread together, no more sliced bread. Bad joke, probably, but I have found some pretty ingenious uses for duct tape I thought I would share with you all today.

From fixing anything, to even making things look better....Yes that is true, people do that....duct tape has been a savior for almost everyone. Mashable.com compiled a list of ways duct tape can help you in your everyday life. So here you go....

Use it on your chairs to prevent marks on your hardwood floors. Put in on your wheels, and glide. Just don't put it on upside down. You might be stuck to your floor then.....Forever.

You can use a roll of duct tape as a cup holder. It is about the prefect size to fit a can or glass in it. If your a clumsy one, duct tape the glass to your hands. Nothing with pry it away.

Got a car, but want a new paint job? You guessed it, duct tape it. I have no words for this one.

In need of a new suit, yup, duct tape one. It has many colors now, and come on. Who is going to say no to a guy in a duct tape suit.

Last for my list. Road maintenance. If you have a pot hole, what a better way to fix it, then duct tape.

Check out the website mashable.com to see the entire list of uses for duct tape. It is something else. So head on out the the store, and buy a roll.....or 12.