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Nothing says "Minnesota" like fall weather, flannel, campfires, and s'mores.  Those tasty treats just got easier because a new marshmallow has been spotted in stores throughout the state...and you are going to want to grab some before the weekend.

We've got a stone fireplace that we created on our property a few years ago and it truly is one of our favorite spots.  Grab a big 'ol log to sit on, a lawn chair, or just sit on the ground on a blanket and gaze into the firepit.  At my house, we've got a few toads that like to hang out by the pit too so you just have to watch out for George and Tyler...those are their names...although I'm going to guess that they aren't the same toads every time.

Besides seeing the toads, we also love to make s'mores when we get the fire going.  We've got the sticks and we haul out all of the supplies to make the perfect treat.  But, I found out from a friend that there is another item on shelves now that make the whole s'more making process even easier.  If you haven't heard of chocolate stuffed marshmallows, let me introduce you.

Minnesota, meet Stuffed Puffs!  They are all of the marshmallow goodness that you love to pair with your graham cracker and chocolate but now, you can take the chocolate squares away.  Why?  There is chocolate IN the marshmallows!

I have zero idea how they make these but whoever came up with this concoction, you are a genius and deserve a raise.

I hear that these marshmallow goodies are on store shelves all over so next time you are making those online grocery orders or heading in to the store to pick up some essentials, add these goodies to the list too.  Oh, and I saw on their Facebook page that they are giving a bunch away too.  You can find the info here.

What's your favorite s'more combination?  Tell me your s'more recipe over on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or Instagram.

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