Every single time I write up a blog about the latest recall, I think to myself, and often times write it in, there have been way too many recalls this year. I'm glad that it's not all in my head! According to People, there have been 22 investigations into food recalls so far this year. That's the highest number of outbreaks in 12 years!

Here's the real reason why there are so many food recalls this year - the methods of finding the outbreaks are getting better. A Food and Drug Administration Commissioner was quoted by CNN  saying that "it's not that there's more unsafe food, it's that the technology is better than ever before to link outbreaks of human illness to a common pathogen."

Right now, the CDC has the ability to test samples from infected patients and genetically link the pathogens they find to food sources.

"I think food is safer now than it's ever been. We have much more resources and additional tools to do effective surveillance." -FDA Commisioner

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