Lanesboro-area residents, (left to right) Peggy Hanson, Beth Hennessy, Julie Kiehne, and Elizabeth Fuglestad, better known as The Rhubarb Sisters, take the stage at the St. Mane Theatre on Saturday, June 4 at 7:30 p.m. as part of Lanesboro's Rhubarb Fest. Wearing house dresses and aprons reminiscent of something you'd see in grandma's kitchen, The Rhubarb Sisters make music paying tribute to, well, rhubarb!  Belting out such great tunes as "What Shall We Do With the Extra Rhubarb", these ladies leave their audience laughing and smiling.

In an interview with Lanesboro Arts, Rhubarb Sister Julie Kiehne states "What I really love is making people smile.  It really is about bringing joy and sharing the things that are true. People want to seek more of the back-home roots to their childhood.  Rhubarb brings that out".  "Sister" Beth Hennessy adds "We're similar to rhubarb.  We're about finding happiness in your own backyard".

If you want to share in this happiness, attend the concert Saturday night.  A limited number of tickets remain and can be purchased at, Lanesboro Art Gallery, and the St. Mane Theatre box office on the night of the event.  The concert is presented by Lanesboro Arts and sponsored by Inspire(d) Media, Community Grounds Market, Old Village Hall, and the High Court Pub.