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I love watching HGTV in my spare time, and suddenly I came upon a Southern Minnesota-based HGTV show called 'Minnesota Salvage'. The show follows single mom Heather Fisher as she finds abandoned home items and gives them new life. She also owns a store in Mankato, Minnesota called Salvage Sisters. Sadly, it appears 'Minnesota Salvage' only ever aired one episode.

If you're into DIY home projects, this would be the show for you. Something Heather would potentially find is an abandoned dresser. Then she would take it and fix it up, whether that meant a paint job, fixing a leg, whatever, and then she'd sell that item in her store, Salvage Sisters. Now turn that into an HGTV show and that's something I'd totally watch!

When I look up 'Minnesota Salvage' on HGTV's website, though, only one episode pops up: Season 1, Episode 1 'Junkin' at the Flea and Barn'. I wondered if this was truly the only episode that aired of their show or if HGTV just hadn't put all of the episodes on their site. I sent an email to the Salvage Sisters' email to get some insight and I'm waiting to hear back.

I did my own digging in hopes of getting some answers but I didn't find much. All I really found was the Salvage Sisters Twitter page. Based on Tweets it looks like May 13th, 2016 was when the first episode aired. After May 13th, 2016 there has been one re-Tweet and one Tweet from their Twitter account. So maybe the show really did only air one episode!

I haven't been able to find the full episode but I did find the trailer for the show which you can check out below:

Minnesota Salvage - HGTV from Trailblazer Website on Vimeo.

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