The website posted a list of the weirdest Thanksgiving side dishes from all 50 states. And the one they picked for Minnesota is all wrong. It's not even close to weird!

I'm going to go ahead and say NOTHING on this list from the Mid-West is really weird. Unusual? Maybe...but let's start with how wrong they were about Minnesota.



How is this even remotely weird? Almost everyone in Minnesota serves this at Thanksgiving. Or at least 80%, and that's enough to make it not weird. If they'd said Flax Seed and Fennel Green Bean Mash, yeah, I'd say, "Gee, that's kinda weird." But green bean casserole? Child, please.



According to Wikipedia..."Monkey bread, also called monkey puzzle bread, sticky bread, Hungarian coffee cake, golden crown, pinch-me cake, and pluck-it cake." I had no idea it had so many names. It sounds legit, tho...who wouldn't love some Monkey Bread at Thanksgiving?


Jack Puccio

I was going to say, "OK, this is weird. Who's serving Shrimp Linguine on Thanksgiving? That does NOT sound like a Wisconsin thing. Then I's probably not shrimp dishes, but shrimp cooked, chilled, and served with cocktail sauce. Like an appetizer! That makes sense. Wisconsin folk know how to party, and kickin' it up a notch shrimp wise is something they would definitely do! Kudos, Wisconsin. On the other hand, if you are serving Shrimp Linguine...stop it! Kidding. But that would be weird.



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