I was scrolling through my weather app to find out if the rain was ever going to stop....and then I saw a symbol that I really didn't want to see in May....

iphone weather screen shot
iPhone weather screenshot

Yes, look at that symbol. I took this around 11:11 am Thursday.

iPhone weather screenshot

Gross. It's not that we haven't had snow in May before, and frankly, the chance is so low right now that it probably won't even happen. Still, everyone in Minnesota has summer on their minds and is looking forward to getting outside with the family. Not snow.

So naturally, Mother Nature is sending us a reminder that just because it is May it doesn't mean that snow can't wreck your day.

Granted, this is Minnesota after all and things can change in a hurry. I wouldn't be surprised if those symbols left and changed to raindrops.

ABC 6 News Meteorologist Chris Kuball broke the ice on his Facebook page that his models even had a small chance of some snow on Friday morning. He also noted that Northern Wisconsin had reports of snow today, too.

While it may not snow, it IS going to be cold out tonight into tomorrow morning. That is why the National Weather Service wanted to remind you to check on your outdoor plants if you have any.

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Hopefully, the snow stays away, and it looks like warmer temps are on the way for the area as we get into the 80s again once June rolls around next week. Are you looking for some fun summer events for the family this summer? Check out our ultimate guide to summer fun in Southeast Minnesota below!

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