You can buy all sorts of different fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July, but which ones are legal here in Minnesota?

Fireworks For Sale Ahead Of The July 4th Holiday
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Well, it's pretty simple, really: The fireworks that are illegal here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes are... pretty much any of the ones we're all going to be setting off or lighting up again this year. (Well, except for the 'ol stand-by, sparklers, that is.)

In an ABC-6 story from earlier this week, Rochester Police Sgt. Ryan Manguson noted that "...bottle rockets, roman candles, cakes, rockets, parachute, propellers," are all illegal here in Minnesota, the story said.

He went on to say that if it takes off and explodes, it's probably not allowed. "What is illegal is any explosive or aerial fireworks," Manguson added in the story.

So what does that leave us? Well, those spinner-type things that leave all sorts of marks on your driveway, the aforementioned sparklers, and those black snake things. Here's the official list from the Minnesota Fire Marshall's office:

  • Sparklers
  • Cones and tubes that emit sparks
  • Novelty items like snakes, and party poppers

That's about it. But the fun stuff... the stuff that everyone seems to be lighting off on the 4th of July? Yeah, it's a good bet that it's probably illegal here in the North Star State.

You can check the Minnesota State Fire Marshal's website for all the exact details HERE.

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