The warm weather brings out the golfer in all of us, but where should you go?

Southeast Minnesota is home to a number of golf courses, but what one is right for you. The one good thing about a lot of the courses around here is they will cater to golfers of all types.  Looking for a little tougher course, there is still plenty around.  But it is getting to be that time of year where everyone should be brushing up on their driving and putting skills.

What are some courses around the area you ask?  Well here is a few to get you started.

Preston golf and country club.  Close to home so its a no-brainer why you would want to go here.  With 9 holes, you can have a quick round or play all day.

The Old Barn--I know they do have a name for the course, but it escapes me.  If you don't go there for the golf, it is a camping resort as well.  With a full menu of food and a bar on the property, you can turn a trip there into a whole weekend.  But we are talking about golf, and the Old Barns golf course, good for the beginner all the way to the seasoned pro.

Lanesboro Golf Club--Now Lanesboro in itself is a vacation in its own, but if your looking to escape your vacation with a little golf, they have it all there.  Stop at the clubhouse, and make sure to grab a few drinks before you head out.  With numerous hills and valleys, this small 9 hole course is sure to rank up there with you.

Take a short drive and you can find tons of courses around the area.  Some nestled in the country, others right on the highways.  But no matter what, get those clubs clean ready to swing.