Skol Bigfoot. Who knew that everyone's favorite urban legend was a fan of the Minnesota Vikings?

It makes sense considering the town that is home to bigfoot is in Minnesota. (Hello Remer, MN!)

This photographic proof of Bigfoot's loyal football allegiance is from Alexandria. I was up in that area hanging out with my sister for her birthday and saw this statue sitting outside of Dream Stones, a garden center and gift shop. Their website claims to be "home to your neighborhood Bigfoot." Their main business is specializing in hand-painted concrete statuary.

If only Bigfoot's Purple Pride was lucky for the team. The Vikings are currently 6-9 on the season and play their final game of the season against the Detroit Lions (who are 5-10) on Sunday, January 3rd. The kick-off is at noon. It might be more entertaining to drive up to Alexandria and get a selfie with Bigfoot instead. Bring your own jersey and beef jerky.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke
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