When I first started my #ootd project, I didn't know where it would go - but you guys have really supported it!

I browse Instagram like anyone else, and I definitely noticed that #ootd was trending. I also noticed that all of these outfits shown just seemed too polished and (dare I say) unrealistic. Who actually goes out looking that good all the time!?

I certainly don't! So, I made it my personal mission to show you guys that it is more than okay to be proud of what's in your own closet. I also wanted to show you that there are totally more ways to wear something than one. That was my whole reasoning behind starting my own #ootd project back in August.

Without further-a-due, let's take a look at your favorite looks I've posted from 2017!

Here's what I learned about your favorite outfit pieces! Firstly, you guys love the hats. You also really like florals, stripes, and collars paired with a top. To me, that says you like me looking a little more organized! lol.

I promise many more #ootd moments to come in 2018! Maybe you can even offer me suggestions as to a new look to try? I'm open to it! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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