You have to check out this video. I am a pretty big Wild fan, but I don't even compare to this kid. His name is Obadiah Gamble, and he is a 7-year-old former patient of the St. Paul Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

He was invited to to Sunday's game against the St. Louis Blues to make the "Let's Play Hockey!" announcement, which the Wild do before every home game.

After doing a fantastic job of the announcement, Fox Sports North's Kevin Gorg interviewed Gamble, and the reaction to a Nino Niederreiter goal is absolutely priceless.

You can check out the video HERE, thanks to

Gamble might be familiar too you, because he is the same kid that made a rap video to get Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to come to his birthday party, and it worked!

Thanks to FOX 9 News in the Twin Cites, you can check out that video, too!

These stories are my favorite, because we get to see the most genuine form of joy on a person, and there is nothing better than that.