If you plan to join the hundreds of others attending Whalan's Stand Still parade May 21, wear your best walking shoes!  The parade doesn't move - YOU do!


Whalan is a tiny, pretty town in southeast Minnesota's bluff country that is usually quiet - except for one day a year when they hold their world-famous Stand Still Parade!  You read right - Stand Still Parade!  The units in the parade stand motionless while parade goers walk the parade route.  How fun is that!  It's such a unique concept that it has been featured on TV news shows and Wild Travels TV!

This year the parade will be held Saturday May 21 and will honor southern Minnesota railroads.  Enjoy live entertainment with local musicians Walter Bradley and Steve Arnold, food, petting zoo for the kiddies, lefse and games.  Other entertainment includes acoustic guitarist, Charlie Warner, and popular classic rock group, Lost Faculties.  The highlight is the Stand Still parade from 11 a.m. till noon.  

So hop on your Schwinn, drive, canoe or walk over!  Whatever means it takes, just get there!  The Stand Still Parade in Whalan, Minnesota, Saturday May 21.  For more information visit www.standstillparade.org.