It should be a cent right, but you would be wrong.

Its just a penny. I know I have said it numerous times. If we drop one, we don't worry about picking it up. Why, because its only a penny. Gone are the days of the old Ford penny gumball machines. Yes, I know what those are. Nothing costs a penny anymore.

But, have you ever wondered. If people treat pennies like that, how much are we spending to keep them going. Well, I have the answer. Keep in mind this report was back from 2014, so the prices could have gone either up or down. But has a report on what it costs to actually make a penny.

The final price, 1.7 Cents. It costs more then a penny to make a penny. Pennies are copper though, and copper is pretty expensive. There are a list of other things that do into making a penny, but the copper is what we all know.

The crazy thing to this, that price was cut. So it was more expensive then 1.7 Cents.

The good thing about this though, is if you save your pennies. They can add up. Thanks to the people like me, who drop one and say. Oh well, its only a penny. Can you strike it rich off people dropping pennies, probably not. But maybe knowing what they cost to make, you will look at them different and hold on to them.