There are all sorts of smells that could remind you of Minnesota. There are even candles that are made to smell like your home state when you're feeling homesick (the company is literally called Homesick). But I wanted to get Minnesotans' opinions of what smells make Minnesota, Minnesota.

So I took to our Facebook page and asked what Minnesota would smell like if it were a perfume. We'll talk about some of the best answers in a second but I also wanted to take a look at what this Homesick candle company thinks Minnesota smells like.

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On the Homesick website, they say that the candle smells like "baked apple strudel and maple [mixed] with peppermint." I'm a little surprised that there's no hint of pine in there but the apple definitely makes sense to me. The maple and peppermint I don't mind but I feel like pine would have been a better choice.

Let's see if you agreed with Homesick or if you think that a scent called 'Minnesota' would be something totally different.

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What Minnesota Would Smell Like if it Was a Perfume

I wanted to know what you thought Minnesota would smell like if it were turned into a perfume. I asked on our Facebook page and here are some of the best responses!

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