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The usual thing people put in time capsules are memorabilia from whatever year they're sinking the capsule.

In Rochester, 2021, items might include a long swab, an N94 mask, and anything else that might tell the story of the last year and a few months. Like a Marvel Movie collection (so many families watched 'em all during the lockdown). And of course, a small Corn on the Cob Water Tower statue.

How Peace Plaza looked in 2018
How Peace Plaza looked in 2018

This coming Thursday, September 9, 2021, you'll have chance to be part of a different kind of time capsule. The Paving Stone Time Capsule, where you sign the back of a paving stone that'll be part of the Heart of the City paving project.

Heart of the City: Time Capsule + Community Signing Activity

  • When: Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 11:00am – 8:30pm
  • Where: Peace Plaza and intersection of First Avenue in Downtown Rochester.
  • What: Join in a time capsule activity where participants can leave their signature or message on the back of the granite pavers before remaining pavers are laid into place. On September 9, a special signing event will occur with construction workers that helped on the Heart of the City Project.

If things go as planned, when Rochester 2131 finally decides to create something new in that space, the signed paving stones will come up, offering advice and affection from the past.

If you're wondering what to write on the paving stone, you could offer salutations to the future, your favorite song lyrics, or maybe answers to what will surely be the future's questions about us...

5 Questions the Future Wants to Ask Us Here In SE Minnesota

Many years from now, archeologists will be digging around the Peace Plaza and find all the stones that were signed by us this last Thursday and Thursday the 9th, 2021. But will the thoughts and ideas, hopes and prayers, we offer answer their questions?

That Time in 2015 When Rochester Minnesota Opened A Time Capsule From the Early 50's

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