Whether you take the kids trick-or-treating, invite the neighbors over for a house party, or go bar hopping with your friends, Halloween has become a huge holiday.  And costumes become more and more elaborate each year.  Gone are the days when you could get away with dressing up little goblins like a pumpkin or ghost made out of an old sheet.  Now they want to be Fiona or their favorite character from Frozen.  Adult costumes are just as creative and can be costly to buy.

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So what's in this year? According to Halloween Express, the well dressed woman this Halloween will be a black widow spider, Star Wars Rey, Cleopatra, or Bob's Burger Tina.  Maternity costumes are also available including the very clever bun in the oven.  Popular this year for men will be Harry Potter's Hufflepuff, the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast", Elvis and of course, Prince's Purple Rain stage outfit.  Adult costume prices start at a mere $29.99  and can reach $100 and more.  They advise shopping early as popular themes sell out fast.  You can shop on line at www.halloweenexpress.com or at their store on North Broadway in Rochester.  Don't forget the decorations and fake blood!