My wife had to fasten this [SPOILER ALERT] to the wall, because she was tired of the kids misplacing it!

Growing up, Mom could never remember where she left her purse. It was either downstairs on her desk, or downstairs on her sewing machine. Same with her checkbook. Glasses, too. I think she just wanted me to run up and down the stairs on a scavenger hunt. Good times! Good times...

According to a new survey, it takes an average of almost five-and-a-half minutes to find something you've misplaced around the house. We spend something like two-and-a-half days, just tracking down something misplaced.

Researchers found the number one thing we misplace around the house is: the remote.

Cathy got tired of the kids losing the remotes. There's one for the television, one for the DVD player and one for the Roku. One, or all of them would go missing. Three teenagers and NONE of them have a clue! About where the remotes are, that is. Our boy, Justin fidgets with them, flipping them like a coin in his hand. Usually they'll end up wedged in the sofa cushions. Once in a while they'll "grow legs" as Dad always used to say, and take a hike to the strangest places.

So, her solution was pretty brilliant. She put hook and loop fastener on the backs off all the remotes and stuck them all on the wall next to the television.

Now, when we see the empty spots, it really cuts the search time in half! Okay, it doesn't, really. We still spend the same amount of time digging in the sofa cushions for the remotes. Sometimes they end up at the dining room table, in the kitchen, on the bathroom counter...

What's your One Thing? What do you lose the most around your house?