Ok, I admit it.  I'm a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I appreciate the beauty of decorated houses but I struggle to adorn my own home.  It seems like so much work.  Unpacking decorations, the actual decorating, then after a couple of weeks, packing them away again.  I live in a neighborhood that is very festive, so I fight my inner-Scrooge and hang Christmas lights in my windows.  When is the right time to decorate?  Before or after Thanksgiving?  Mid-December?
Yesterday I came across a post on the Niagara Gazette Facebook page. One house in Niagara Falls is already bedecked and bejeweled for Christmas with strings of lights, Santa and reindeer, candy canes, the whole nine yards.  Is it too early?  Comments on the post include "can we at least get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first!"  "Love it..spreading the Spirit of Christmas.  My house would be decorated right after Halloween."  "Better to hang lights now than when it's freezing."  "Nuts!"  "The Christmas spirit is coming when you feel, not when the other people want.  Great job."  And my personal favorite, "Rather have this then all the Halloween garbage."

When do you decorate for Christmas?

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