As you know, we do a lot of sports around here. And when we're not calling the games, sometimes I just head down and enjoy one when I get off work. And what helps me enjoy the game? Some good food and drink at the concession stands.

I haven't had the time to go to all the areas, but when I've gone to a game hungry, here is what I found:

Want Sunflower Seeds? Hit up Rushford or Spring Valley

A few weeks back, I went to watch the first battle between Chatfield and GMLOK in softball. The GMLOK concession had Ranch sunflower seeds! They are the first ranch seeds I found this year; no stores seem to have anything on a shelf other than original/lightly salted. Then I stuck around Rushford after calling a game last Saturday. Bacon flavor! I got the last bag so hopefully they re-stock before I head there again next week.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog

There has been a lot said and written about the new digs Fillmore Central/Lanesboro's baseball home in Preston. Everything is set up well, and down the first base line a bit, you can find yourself a hot dog. When I had to fend for myself for supper, I made sure to go back again for a Falcon Frank. All-beef hot dog. Yum


Chatfield I think popped some good popcorn. Always a good snack with good portions, they have a good setup behind the action of the ballgames.

Places that Look Good, But Time Hasn't Allowed

Again, I haven't been able to hit up all the concession stands this year, but Spring Grove, with their new look, seems like they still have it going on with their grill. I'm probably going to have to visit again sometime.

What places did I miss in the area? What ballgames do I need to get to?


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