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There are just some things that are truly the building blocks of the North Star State, and now they've all been organized in a new Periodic Table of Minnesotans.

The Periodic Table of Minnesotans is the brainchild of Brand MN

I have to confess, I'm way late to the party thrown by Brand MN. They're a Minnesota-based apparel company that sells some insanely cool Minnesota sports and state-inspired clothing. As their website says, "We're Mike & Pat, co-founders of Brand MN. We're Minnesota-born designers and illustrators that share a love for all things Minnesota."

I just happened upon their Instagram page yesterday and was blown away by their designs! Especially the design for their Periodic Table of Minnesotans t-shirt. It was originally posted on their Brand MN Instagram page over two years ago, but hadn't seen it until just now.

So just what IS the Periodic Table of Minnesotans?

And much like the actual Periodic Table of the Elements we've all seen in science classes, this Periodic Table of Minnesotans pretty much neatly organizes the elements that are at the basis of being a resident of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

For instance, there's the element UD-- for "Uff da!" Or, there's the element HD, which is, of course, "Hot dish." And, don't forget the relatively NEW Minnesota element, O. It's short for "Ope!" There's also the classic Minnesota element, DT, which is short for "Darn tootin'!"

But there might be ONE Minnesota element that's missing...

The Minnesota only element I was looking but didn't see was JL, which I'm thinking would be short for "Jucy Lucy." Maybe that one hasn't been discovered yet. (And maybe I need to do some more research on it!)

Take a look at all the Minnesota elements from Brand MN on their Periodic Table of Minnesotans below. And, keep scrolling to check out our list of 10 Things You Only Say If You're In Minnesota too.

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