I love Old Dutch cheesy puffcorn.  Almost to the point of craving it at times.  The past couple weeks have left me in the verge of a crave.  I haven't been able to find my favorite treat anywhere.  Not at WalMart.  Not at our local grocery store, Family Dollar or Casey's. Plenty of bags of the buttery Old Dutch.

IEdwards TSM

Where, oh where, has the cheesy flavor gone?  Taking my search to Preston Motor Mart, again I found the shelf empty of the cheesy, finger-licking-good deliciousness.  I posed my question to Motor Mart's Mary who said she would try and find out.  And she did.  When the Old Dutch delivery man stopped by today, he explained that this time of year they sell 12:1 the buttery flavor as opposed to the cheese flavor, so they cut back on the cheese.   Apparently the buttery stuff is used to make caramel corn.  Who would have thought?  Not the answer I expected, but I knew there had to be a reason.  And, Mary, sweet lady that she is, saved me a bag!  I'll have to savor every bite, eating piece by piece instead of handful by handful, making this bag of gold last as long as I can.  Thank you, Mary, you eased my craving at least temporarily!  What cravings have left you going on a store-to-store search?