I will start this off with a question, does a pitcher or an outfielder hold the record for the fastest throw in baseball?

I'm guessing most of you would say a pitcher, right?

Well, at least for this year, you would be wrong. Foxnews.com wrote up an article that caught my eye, not because of the team but because of the number behind it. Aaron Hicks, a member of the New York Yankees, fired a throw from the outfield to tag a runner out at home, that was clocked at 105.5 miles per hour.  You read that right!  Most people don't even want to drive their car even close to that fast. The previous record was at 103.1 miles per hour, which is still fast. Hicks beat it by almost 2.5 miles per hour. Crazy right!

It got me wondering, just who holds the record for a pitcher for the fastest pitch thrown?  I thought I knew who held that record, too, but I was very, very wrong. Watching a Major League Baseball All-Star Game a few years back, a pitcher was called to the mound by the name of Aroldis Chapman. Remember, at an All-Star game, most pitchers only get an inning or two to show their stuff.  When the first pitch was well over 100 miles per hour, you think, "Wow!"  But when his second, third, and fourth pitch were all over the 100 miles per hour mark, you think, "How?"

I got to looking, and an article in Wikipedia says that Chapman does hold the record for the fastest pitch in Major League Baseball history, clocking in at 105.1 miles per hour. In that short span between the pitcher's mound and home plate, how could you hit it. You would need to swing about at the top of his release! Mind BLOWN...

So what record is more impressive, Aaron Hicks 105.5 mile per hour cannon from the outfield or Aroldis Chapman's incredible ability to make any batter cringe in the batters box?

The only one thing that makes this article better, they both play for the same team. The New York Yankees. I will just leave it at that...