There's a lot of hype about self-driving cars. While it's hard to say how far away from autonomous vehicles becoming the norm, it definitely seems like it's inevitable. And it's crazy to think just how much that will change everyone's day-to-day lives. Just think about your commute to work every day. Now imagine that, but with a self-driving car. Whether your drive is 10 minutes or 45 minutes, that adds up to a lot of extra free time! WAY BETTER, RIGHT?

Think about being able to eat breakfast while setting your fantasy football lineup on the way to work. You could even take a quick snooze. That's amazing. But according to a new study, there's another activity that's expected to seriously ramp up when self-driving cars become the standard. Could you possibly guess what that would be?!

You guessed it! SEX.

The study argues that when free from the task of driving, we could see "car woopie" becoming a growing phenomenon - as 60 percent of Americans have already admitted to doing it in a car. I'm assuming not while driving, but you get the idea. The future is going to be weird.

You can check out the full study here.

Source: WCCO

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