Things You Don't Expect To See Anywhere, Except Maybe Wisconsin

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A site you don't see every day is a high-speed chase in a neighborhood. Even more rare is a slow-speed chase in a neighborhood, especially when the vehicle being chased is a skid-steer loader. Unless you're in Wisconsin, then maybe your odds are better. A lot better.

According to Fox 6, a man named "Tyler Peschke was charged after leading police on a slow-speed chase in a stolen skid-steer loader Thursday morning. Investigators accuse the man, 37-year-old Tyler Peschke, of being drunk at the time."

Court documents show around 7:30 AM, the suspect was followed by two police departments (Appleton and Grand Chute) as the stolen skid-steer drove...slowly...thru both city's streets and, then, onto train tracks. But it didn't stop there, it got off the train tracks and drove into a field behind a bunch of homes.

No word on how the loader was actually stopped, but it was and he's facing charged o'plenty, including Operating While Intoxicated. If he's convicted on that charge, it'll be his 4th OWI.

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BONUS: A different TV news report has some awesome interviews with locals, they think it's just a shoot. They aren't sharable because...who knows why...but you can see them here:


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