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Sure, you can go to the Minnesota State Fair Drive Thru Food Parade and and maybe get a :Pronto Pup...

The Minnesota State Fair announced July 22nd that they will be holding a drive-thru food parade in place of the big get-together this year. Fair officials describe the event as a "meandering drive-thru experience featuring 16 vendors."

To take part, you will have to purchase tickets. You have to purchase one ticket per vehicle, which is about $20 bucks. All proceeds will support the Minnesota State Fair. The event will be held on a few different days, including August 20th through the 23rd and again from August 27th through the 30th. Your last chance to take part will be any day from September 3rd to the 7th. (Read more HERE)

But when the fun is all done, and you're still craving a Pronto Pup, what then, huh? Or maybe you want one NOW and don't want to wait thru all those days to get a chance at PP. I don't blame you, so I'm here to save you.

Congress Digs In At Annual Hot Dog Day Lunch on Capitol Hill
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The recipe in a second, but it wouldn't be a recipe story if there wasn't some delay in actually getting to the recipe. Don't blame me, I don't make the rules.

George and Vera Boyington had a dream. They dreamed of taking their Pronto Pup and turning it into a sensation that would sweep the nation. They started selling Pronto Pups in early 1941 in a little Portland, Oregon shop. The story goes that by September of that year they were selling 15,000 Pronto Pups at an exhibition. By the end of WWII (1945) franchises were popping up all over the country (source).

You might think the company would only sell to vendors at fairs and carnivals and stuff. But they also sell the mix (and all the other stuff, like those little wooden sticks) to everyday people that just love the PP. Before you can do any PP making, you gotta buy the right mix here.

California's Marin County Holds Drive Thru Food Fair
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How to Make a Pronto Pup

First, 10 to the pound packages of hot dogs are recommended. You want good hotdogs, or you'll end up with just OK PP's.

You'll also need Popsicle sticks, candy apple sticks, or craft sticks. And vegetable oil (at 375 degrees).

These directions come straight from How to Make a Pronto Pup.

  1. Pat dry hot dogs with towel and insert stick in the end of wiener (about half way).
  2. In deep mixing bowl, add two parts Pronto Pup Flour Mix and one part water. Mix with a wire whip until all lumps are gone. Batter should be thicker than the consistency of pancake batter.
  3. Dip hot dog into batter. Cover entire hot dog with batter, gently shaking off excess batter for equal coverage.
  4. Before placing into fryer, turn hot dog upright to set batter.
  5. Gently place Pronto Pup into the deep fryer (IMPORTANT: OIL TEMP SHOULD BE 375°F*) and let it float.
  6. Using tongs, occasionally roll the Pronto Pup for even cooking. Pronto Pup is done after 2-1/2″ minutes or until a deep golden color. Remove with tongs. Let cool a little and ENJOY!

Minnesota State Fair Pronto Pup Fun Facts

Q: When was the Pronto Pup introduced at the State Fair?
A: 1947

Q: How many tons of batter do Pronto Pups go through each fair?
A: Approximately 70 tons of batter

Q: In what year was the 25 millionth Pronto Pup served at the Minnesota State Fair?
A: 2016

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Speaking of dogs, and fair food, remember, keep your pets in mind this summer.

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