Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - It won’t be quite as tall as the Plummer Building but it will be noticeable in downtown Rochester in the near future.

If you’re one of those who drove or walked by our studios a few weeks ago and wondered what the heck we were digging for, here’s the explanation.

Townsquare Media-Rochester (parent company of KROC AM and other local radio stations) is in the process of installing a nearly 200-foot tall tower on its site at 122 4th St SW.

It’s needed to overcome signal transmission problems created in recent years by the construction of taller buildings in the downtown.

The project began in early March when a large hole was dug in the parking lot. It was needed to form the concrete footings and base for the tower. The hole was later filled so the concrete could cure. Cold weather has slowed the curing process, leading to a delay in the construction of the tower. It’s hoped the project can be finished before the end of May.

The tower will be 190 feet tall, about 100 feet lower than the Plummer Building two blocks to the north.

News update:  Latest on the weekend snowstorm.

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