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Check Out A Human Story at the Human Library Tonight at 5:30pm, 5:55pm, 6:25pm, or 6:55pm

The Diversity Council and the Rochester Public Library are partnering to offer a virtual Human Library event tonight as part of Welcoming Week 2021. Because of Covid-19, this is a virtual event.

What Is Welcome Week?

According to the City of Rochester

People of all backgrounds call Olmsted County and the City of Rochester home – including those who were not born in the United States. To recognize the importance of immigrants and refugees in our community and affirm the significance of inclusive spaces to our collective prosperity, Olmsted County and the City of Rochester are celebrating Welcoming Week!

There's only about 20 spots left, so register HERE ASAP for tonight's Human Library. 

The Human Library of Southeastern Minnesota educates people using human experience, cultivating empathy in such a manner that differences, barriers, and prejudice fall away -- we expose and nurture the spirit of humankind by building common understanding and connections.

A Human Book is a perfectly flawed person sharing how their life experience has been affected by bias, prejudice and discrimination. (Rochester Public Library)

Will they sit and tell us stories? No, the Diversity Council says a Human Book isn't a storyteller, they don't represent a certain group...they represent their own story, their own experiences, their life. I especially like this line from the press release...

A Human Book is a conversation starter -- bringing Human stories to life.

Also Part of Rochester, Minnesota's Welcoming Week 

Belonging Begins with Us: Why and How of Welcoming New Neighbors - *Virtual


Date/Time: Tuesday, September 14, 9-10:30 a.m.
Location: Zoom – Meeting registration
Details: Join SE MN Together as Laura Bordelon with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce shares findings from a report on the economic impact of immigrants in Minnesota, conducted by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Foundation with support from the McKnight Foundation. Katie Van Eijl from Project Fine will share highlights of initiatives underway in Winona and St. Charles to proactively welcome and engage newcomers, particularly immigrants. (click here to register)

Check out this huge list of foods that were made in Minnesota!

Isn't it cool when we know that something was made right here in our very own state? I instantly want to buy whatever that "Minnesota-made" item is because it is something we all can be proud of and support. Below are a few of those products that you could support right now.

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