There are a lot of reasons one might summons help from your local Minnesota law enforcement agency... but this isn't one of them.


Sure, we've probably all had the unfortunate instance of having our orders mixed up when going through the drive-thru of a fast food place. But if your order is wrong, or worse yet, if your food is cold when you get it, is that really a reason to call the cops?

Well, if you're this dude up in Blaine, apparently it is. The official calls for service blotter for the Blaine Police Department confirms that an unnamed male, who lives somewhere on Central Avenue Northeast, actually called police because... his Whopper was cold.

Yep, that's right. There it is on page 4, Blaine Police Department case #18196663 - "COMPLAINANT REPORTED HIS WHOPPER WAS COLD."

Hoo boy. It doesn't say whether the guy actually called 911 to report such an assault (I'm guessing he didn't, or he'd probably be facing other charges), but he was apparently angry enough at the tepid temperature of his Whopper that he looked up the Blaine PD's number and placed a call to complain.

The blotter doesn't say exactly what action police took-- did they dispatch the emergency microwave unit?-- but the case is listed as a 'civil dispute' so it's likely no criminal charges were filed. (Because, really, just what would those charges be anyway?!?)

What's next? Calling the cops when your beer is a little warm when you get home from the liquor store? Come on, man!

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