As we get into May and as our thoughts start to turn to the first holiday weekend of the spring/summer (Memorial Day), I thought I would share this information about some of Minnesota's favorite foods. So as you are cooking or traveling you can check out some of these Minnesota favorites.

Everyone knows that Minnesotans can be a little different than some other states in things we love to eat. Some items are very popular, others not so much. And sometimes we tell people who live in other states what we like to eat and they think we are totally crazy. But then again I don't think most native Minnesotans are lined up for hog jowls either. But here we go. These are not in any particular order.

  1. The Jucy Lucy. It was more popular when Roseanne was on TV, but it's still a favorite. It's cheese inside the hamburger, and for most people, the more the better.
  2. Lutefisk. All I can say is try finding cod soaked in lye served at room temperature in New York City.
  3. Hotdish. Take your leftovers, add some tater tots and maybe a little cheese and tomato sauce or cream of mushroom soup. What can I say, we love it.
  4. Lefse. A Norwegian tortilla, like revenge, best served cold and with butter!
  5. Tater tots (tots). My kids considered them a food group of their own, especially with ketchup on the side.
  6. Bars. Not the place where you get a beer and where everybody knows your name. Bars are a delicious variation on brownies and cookies, with many different flavors available. Just ask your favorite church basement lady if you have questions.
  7. Krumkake. A hand-rolled Norwegian waffle cookie is like a mini ice-cream cone, only instead of ice cream, it holds powdered sugar, and instead of one you eat 23.
  8. Hmong food. Minnesota has a large population of Hmong people, hence a large Hmong market, hence great Hmong food.
  9. Pheasant. Minnesotans love to hunt it, and eat it served up many ways. My favorite is Pheasant Italiano.
  10. Spam. Much of the younger generation is not crazy about this canned, covered in gel product. And there are now many varieties. Someone loves Spam so much they got married at the museum. And they are not even from the United States. But when you're camping, sometimes with eggs, yum.
  11. Bonus. For people who travel in the Rendezvous or re-enactment circuits, Indian fry bread is a big favorite. And it's good plain, with cinnamon and sugar, or your favorite fruit topping. You can also wrap it around a hot dog, brat or polish sausage for another delicious treat.

There you have it. Your list may vary, and some of these foods might require permission from your cardiologist. But Minnesota has the best heart surgeons at the Mayo Clinic. Bon appetite!

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