Happy. Excited. Sad. Frustrated. Angry.  Whatever emotions you've got right now as a parent who has kids who will be distance learning for all or part of the upcoming school year, they are valid.  But, it's time to put those to the side and get our kids ready as best as we can because school is starting and YOU can help them have an amazing school year, no matter where they are learning.

I'll be very honest and transparent, when I heard my kids were going to be finishing up the end of their spring at home, working side-by-side with me while I was also working my full-time radio gig at home, I had a bit of a panic going on.  We didn't have space for everyone to "work" and I was trying to handle my own emotions and help my kids manage their own too.  It was a lot and no matter what Instagram or Facebook shows you, it wasn't always a pretty picture at my house.

We are doing Round 2 of this distance learning and I will have 2 kids hanging out for a bit again at home again, at least for the start of school.  To help make this round go a little smoother, we are getting ready with these 10 essential Back-to-School items for distance learning:

10 Back-to-School Items Kids Must Have for Distance Learning

What's missing on the list?  Let me know what else might be needed to help make distance learning successful for our kids.  Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or Instagram.

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