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The Houston County Fair Board made the difficult decision and announced Sunday that the 2020 Houston County Fair would be canceled, in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"With great sadness, the Houston County Fair Board is announcing the 2020 Houston County Fair is now CANCELLED. This is not something that we WANT to do, but we MUST do for the community. By no means was this an easy decision to make. The fair board has had many conversations and investigated various options to cover current restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic. Public Health also directed us to some links to help to understand our current impact during this pandemic. With many unknown factors at this time, we feel it is apparent that our 2020 fair would not be feasible to meet the requirements to keep our community safe during the consistent changes of regulations."

Safety was a top priority for the community in the decision making of the canceling of the 2020 fair.

The safety of the entire community, and surrounding communities, is our top priority. This includes our exhibitors, volunteers, vendors, and, of course the fair goers. With all the current uncertainties, we want to do our part in flattening the curve.

While the Houston County Fair is canceled for 2020, the ground improvements will continue to go on including the construction of the new livestock building. The Fair Board is also working with 4-H for getting the youth a great experience.

"The fair board will also continue to work with 4-H and their programming to give the youth the best experience possible. Currently, 4-H is making plans to continue with some sort of shows for the youth. Follow the Houston County 4-H (Minnesota) Facebook page for more information on their events."

The Houston County Fair will make a return from August 18-21st, in 2021, in Caledonia.




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