Nothing says last minute, like a gift from a convenience store, but I think the recipient would actually love these gifts.

For the record, this is not a paid advertisement.

I stopped at Kwik Trip on my home yesterday for milk and bananas, and overheard two gentlemen talking about what they were getting people for Christmas. As I was waiting in line, I quickly scanned the store to see if there was anything there worthy of giving as a gift. In that brief moment I was able to build this list of 5 awesome presents:

  1.  A Gas Gift-Card - This is a no-brainer. Gas is expensive but it's something we all use. Everyone would be happy with a free fill-up or two.
  2. A Karuba Gold Coffee Gift-Card: Kwik Trip's coffee and specialty drinks are really good. I haven't met a person who doesn't like their drinks. Consider this for the caffeine junkie in your life.
  3. Steaks: Got a grill master in your life? Kwik Trip has a wide variety of meats including quality steaks. *Tip: Keep them frozen until the present exchange. Do not put them under the tree right away.
  4. Lottery Tickets: Who doesn't love scratch off tickets? And who knows, the ticket you give might be worth a lot of money!
  5. Minnesota Vikings Tumbler: Get the football fan in your life one of these giant tumblers so they can take their drinks and love for the team with them everywhere. Feeling really generous? Pair this gift with #2 and really spoil the coffee lover in your life.

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