Nine towns along the Root River and Harmony-Preston State Bike Trails have teamed up to put together a 60-mile garage sale that you will soon not forget.


It is the third year of the event, and the towns of Preston, Harmony, Fountain, Lanesboro, Whalen, Peterson, Rushford, Rushford Village and Houston will have locations available via google maps of any homes or businesses that will be having a garage or sidewalk sale, according to Explore Minnesota.

This incredible journey will take place the weekend of June 23rd-24th, and visitors should be encouraged to see the long list of garage sales in southeast Minnesota. It is such a beautiful part of our great state, so weather you are biking, driving, or however you plan on covering 60 miles, it would be an enjoyable time for the entire family!

Okay, yes, 60 miles is a lot to bike, but that doesn't mean you can't check out a few of the towns and enjoy a lovely weekend in southeast Minnesota!

You can get more info on the event on via Facebook right HERE.


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