You could be the proud new owner of a house that would definitely have your friends and family talking. Everyone would want to come to your house. This home in Duluth, Minnesota that's for sale was built on stilts over a creek!

Would you be able to live in a home built on stilts? I feel like I'd be so nervous but this home has awesome views. One of the listing agents, Jessica Buelow, talked to about the house. She said, "'The story I have heard is that the original owner, Mr. Erickson, was an engineer and his wife may have been from a family that was in the steel business. We kind of think it was the brainchild of an engineer with a connection to steel.'"

60-Year-Old Home Built on Stilts for Sale in Duluth, MN

Up in Duluth is this wild, 60-year-old home for sale that was built on stilts over a creek. You'd have amazing views from every room!

The Most 'Extra' Home Currently for Sale in Minnesota

This home that's for sale in Edina, Minnesota is definitely 'extra'. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see why for yourself.

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