Last weekend some of my extended family and I had an early Christmas celebration. The tradition with my extended family is that we all give each other stocking stuffers. Really the only rule with stocking stuffers is that they have to be $10 or less, otherwise you can pick anything, no matter how weird or useful it is!

So this stocking stuffer that I got I wasn't sure what to think of at first. The package said that it's a fabric shaver and my grandpa, who was the one that gave it to me, said it's to shave off any pilling on your clothes.

My initial thought was "huh, sounds useful but I can't think of any clothes I own with pilling on it. Also, what if it doesn't work that well, that'd be really sad!"

Turns out, Mat has a few clothes that are pilling so when we got home he pulled out a sweatshirt with a ton of pilling on the back. This weird little fabric shaver quickly became the best item of all time!

Carly Ross, Townsquare Media
Carly Ross, Townsquare Media

The one that I have is from Evercare and it's pretty small, definitely handheld size.

I would highly recommend getting a fabric shaver! I never knew this existed and now I don't know how I survived without it.


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I looked up "fabric shaver" on Amazon and you can check out the different fabric shavers I found there HERE!

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