I don't eat a lot of sweets.  I tend to gravitate toward salty foods, you know, chips, pretzels.  Today I was tempted by cookies.  Not just any cookies.  Girl Scout cookies.  My co-worker, Ben Aberg, had a case of cookies delivered to work this morning.  A case, twelve packages of Lemonades.  This must be a new flavor this year.  The label describes these delectable treats as "savory slices of shortbread with a refreshingly tangy lemon flavored icing".

IEdwards TSM

Ben left after his shift, the unopened case of cookies remaining behind.  I love anything with lemon.  At one point I looked at the carton, and I swear it was giving me a come-hither look, calling my name, "pssstt, Ilene, over here.  Come open a box and try me.  You know you want to".  I tried to fight temptation, opting to eat some pretzels instead.  All the pretzels did were make me thirsty.  How could Ben do this to me?  Does he think I'm not cookie-worthy?  I started to sweat and get the shakes. if I closed my eyes, I could hear Ben in that sinister voice "No cookies for you!"  Would 5 o'clock ever come so I could leave work?  Finally, it was time to go home.  I made it.  I fought the urge to open a box of cookies that wasn't mine.  I'm hoping Ben will share a cookie with me on Monday.  It's going to be a long weekend.