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Imagine driving down the road and seeing in the distance smoke coming off of a truck that was flipped in a ditch. That is the scene that Jason Hahn from northern Iowa came upon on Monday.  What he did next has given him the title of "Hero" for the second time in his life.

According to a story by KIMT News 3, Donna Rench was on her way to work when she swerved, possibly to avoid a deer, and ended up flipped over in your truck in a nearby ditch.  She was screaming for someone to help her as smoke was starting to stream from the vehicle.

Jason Hahn pulled over and jumped to action as he worked hard trying to find a way to get Donna out of the vehicle as safely and as fast as possible.  He ended up needing to break a window with a shovel in order to reach her and had to cut her out of her seatbelt with a knife.  Steve Fetketther, another person who was driving by, was also key in this recovery and helped ensure the safety of Donna as flames were starting to get higher near them during this rescue.

As you can see from the video below, quite a few parts on the F-150 melted from the fire, including the tires.  As they reported, the flames and smoke were engulfing the vehicle at the time Donna was pulled out.  Thankfully, these two men were at the right place at the right time to save Donna's life.  They truly deserve the title of "Hero"!

This isn't the first time that Jason has been named a hero.  According to the story, Jason performed the Heimlich maneuver on a man who was choking 3 years ago.

Virtual high-five to you Jason and Steve!  I'm adding you to our list of Good News stories because this truly is a moment that makes our heart happy.  Thank you for what you did.

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