13-year-old Sawyer from Stewartville, Minnesota was incredibly heroic last week. Because of his quick action, he saved his best friend's dad's life. His friend's dad is named Seth. Seth's fiance, Rachel sent us a message about this scary yet incredible story that happened just last Wednesday.

They were at a cabin on Mille Lacs Lake on vacation last week. From Rachel's messages she sent us, it appears the group on the vacation included herself, her fiance Seth, her and Seth's children (including Julian, Sawyer's best friend), and Sawyer's mom Michelle.

Credit: Rachel Peterson
Seth in the driver's seat, Sawyer in the back in the middle (Credit: Rachel Peterson)

Rachel tells us that it was last Wednesday, July 7th, at around 7 AM that Seth, Sawyer, Julian, Michelle, and a cousin named Jenna went out fishing on the boat. She writes that Seth had caught a northern and "when getting it off he [accidentally] knocked the [boat] keys in the water ". As Seth said to KTTC, "I made a poor decision and decided to strip down and jump into the lake".

Credit: Rachel Peterson
Seth (Credit: Rachel Peterson)

What he didn't know was just how powerful the current was in the lake. Pretty soon, after Seth had grabbed the keys, he was a considerable distance away from the boat and couldn't get back. He was struggling in the water despite knowing how to swim because fighting the current made him so exhausted. He thought for sure he was going to drown. Rachel tells us that at one point he yelled out to the boat "tell Rachel and the boys I love them".

That's when Sawyer jumped into action. He put on a lifejacket, grabbed a second life jacket, and jumped into the water after Seth. After Sawyer swam and swam fighting the current himself, he eventually reached Seth and was able to get keep him afloat until Rachel and the resort owner where they were staying got to them on a separate boat to save them and bring them to shore.

Credit: Rachel Peterson
Sawyer and Julian cleaning the fish they caught right before the incident. Rachel says Seth messaged them from the hospital telling them to watch YouTube videos on how to clean northern and do it 😂  (Credit: Rachel Peterson)

Rachel says both Seth and Sawyer were taken to urgent care. Sawyer was released after they determined he was healthy, Seth was taken to the hospital in St. Cloud but he is now doing just fine.

Rachel wrote this thank you Sawyer in her message to us:

Sawyer Vincent King.. you are everyone's HERO without you I wouldn't have my fiance.. and my boys would be without a father your heroic act kept my family together. ... No words can explain how proud I am of you and to think so quick on your feet. ... Your act saved Seth and I cannot thank you enough!!! You are forever and always my hero!!!

After this heroic rescue, Sawyer's mom, Michelle, spoke with KTTC and she said Sawyer now wants to take lifeguarding lessons. I think that's definitely fitting! He'd be great in a lifeguarding job.

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