I have lived in Minnesota my entire life, and one of the few things that I have yet to experience is making a trip to the northeast part of the state. The Kawishiwi Falls just northeast of Ely is the latest destination on my bucket list.

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Minnesota is home to many beautiful sites and waterfalls like Gooseberry Falls or Minnehaha Falls, but if you are looking for some waterfalls that are not as popular, this might be for you. The Kawishiwi Falls needs to be on your bucket list! According to Only In Your State, this waterfall is just one of the many 'hidden' sites in Minnesota.

if you’re especially in the know, you may even find a hidden waterfall like the one we’d like to share today. Kawishiwi Falls is far from the state’s popular waterfall haunts, like Gooseberry or Minnehaha. But it’s well worth the trip thanks to the magical hike that leads to the beautiful waterfall


According to Only In Your State, visitors will take a 1.5-mile hike on mostly flat terrain and wooden boardwalk through the forest before they end up at the beautiful Kawishwi Falls.

Folks taking the hike will actually hear the water rushing before you make it to the falls, and in no time you will be at the falls seeing yet another beautiful site right here in Minnesota. What makes it hidden is the secluded setting in Northeast Minnesota. It is said to be incredibly peaceful and even can be visited year-round! (You may want to pass until it warms up and we are out of this deep freeze.)

What are your favorite sites in Minnesota? I know this hike will be added to my Minnesota Bucket List!


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