Living healthier has been at the top of my list for the last month. A recent study shared by The Telegraph showed that it takes just TWO weeks of sedentary office behavior to put yourself at risk for Type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. 

There was some good news attached to this study which is that these ill-effects can be reversed with some simple tips. It was recommended that we take the stairs rather than using the elevator, getting off the bus a few stops early to walk the rest of the way to work, and actually going to the supermarket for groceries rather than having them delivered to the house.

All I seem to do at work, is sit behind a desk after I am done with my on-air shift. Finding ways to get my steps in is sometimes an experiment in patience. If I can't get them in here at the radio station I have to get them in after work. But we all know now that it is as important as ever to get our steps in.

The research shared by The Telegraph was published in the journal Diabetologia, and was funded by Diabetes UK.


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