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La Crosse, WI (KROC-AM News) - Parts of southeastern Minnesota have been included in a tornado watch today.

The National Weather Service this afternoon issued the tornado watch for Winona, Fillmore, and Houston Counties of southeastern Minnesota along with an area of northeast Iowa and about two-thirds of Wisconsin. The watch will be in effect until 10 PM.

Forecasters are expecting thunderstorms to redevelop late this afternoon across southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and western Wisconsin. Some of the storms could become severe, with the highest risk found in southern Wisconsin where the threat is rated at 4 on a scale of zero to 5.

A small part of southeastern Minnesota along the Mississippi River in Houston County is included in that higher-risk area. The remainder of the counties included in the tornado watch are rated at a level 3 risk of severe storms, while the Rochester area has a 2 rating for severe weather risk.

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