Mr. Peanut is going all out with his big move to the land of 10,000 lakes!  The Nutmobile has been driving all over the state handing out $10,000 checks to people boldly displaying the famous "Minnesota Nice".  (If you missed those...keep reading because I've got links to those stories below.). NOW, Mr. Peanut and Planters have created a special camping adventure that ONE nutty fan can book for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


I'm not a camper - my family knows this and I basically refuse to use anything the looks like a porta-potty.  However, I am somewhat intrigued about this new camper that has shown up in Minnesota.  For $3.59, I would "try" camping if it was in the new INN a NUTshell retreat.  If you are up for the adventure too, check out the info below that Planters sent me on how you could be the first guest:

attachment-INN a NUTshell_Interior Image 2

How to score the Ultimate Nutlover's Weekend Getaway

  • Set an alarm and get ready to sign up at for the adventure on September 17th at 12 pm CT
  • The cost of the adventure is only $3.59 and includes:
    • two-night overnight stay in Duluth, Minnesota on October 1st - 3rd in the iconic 26-foot-long peanut on wheels
    • $1,500 travel stipend so you can get there
    • A plethora of Planters products to enjoy, including Cheez Balls, Mixed Nuts and Cashews
    • Mr. Peanut eye mask
    • Planters robe
    • Other custom Planters items to enjoy
    • Fun activities where you can enjoy Minnesota's gorgeous scenery and the lake that is nearby
    • All that...just $3.59
attachment-INN a NUTshell Eyemask

Check out these amazing individuals that have been awarded $10,000 checks by Hormel and Planters!

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