When the Coronavirus struck Minnesota and the rest of the country, many bars, restaurants, and recreation halls were shut down, but now as Minnesota starts to reopen, bowling is officially back.

Many leagues, tournaments and just those who like to bowl during the colder months had their season cut short, but according to a Facebook post from Bowlocity Entertainment Center in Rochester, bowling is back.

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10th, the inside will be open along with bowling, the bar, laser tag, and the arcade games will be ready to rock. The post also noted that they will close every other lane for bowling to make sure each bowling group is staying socially distant, and will only allow six people per each bowling group. They will also disinfect all of the bowling equipment including bowling balls and bowling shoes after using, and the center also plans on disinfecting shoes before they hand them out to bowlers.

They have also made adjustments to laser tag, where only 10 people or less per group, and they have moved all arcade games to accommodate for six feet of distance.

You can read up on all of the safety precautions from Bowlocity on their Facebook page.



It is not perfect, but it will be nice to get back in the bowling alley, arcade, and laser tag. It will be very fun for families to get out and have some fun.

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