If your dog ever "ate your homework" while you were in school, this woman's got your story beat.

A woman was shocked when she found out her "mad" mixed-breed dog, Dillon, had chewed up her passport — just weeks before her honeymoon.

Amanda had just returned home from a trip to Iceland when her dog decided to destroy her passport, forcing her to write to the National Passport Center explaining the ordeal. She even attached photos of a "grinning" Dillon chomping on her passport to prove his crime.

"I got Dillon as a COVID puppy. He was my quarantine dog and had never been apart from me," Amanda told The Mirror. "I went to New York for almost two weeks in June and he wasn't happy with me after that, but when I went to Iceland at the beginning of August that sent him over the top. He wasn't happy with me at all."

Within a day of Amanda getting home, Dillon ate her passport as well as his dog goggles and one her favorite boots.

"I work from home and he was angry I'd left him behind. My bag was still at the foot of the bed because I'd got in at midnight the night before. I had to work that morning so I didn't do any unpacking then," Amanda shared.

After having her morning coffee, she went upstairs and saw her passport "all over the floor."

"I walked into a ripped up passport, I don't know how he targeted that one. It was in the front pouch of my carry-on backpack but he sniffed that out and ripped it up," she said.

Having just tied the knot, Amanda was looking forward to going back to Iceland with her new husband. On Aug. 31, she typed up a letter to her local passport office in the hope they'll take pity on her.

Read Amanda's full letter to the passport office, below:

As requested, this serves as a signed statement explaining the damaged and mutilated condition of my passport book. Upon return from an international trip to Iceland, my dog went into my luggage and retrieved the (now mutilated) passport in your possession and ate some of it as a snack before I discovered him. Pictured is the offending culprit demonstrating his enjoyment of snacks in the form of books. He is lucky he is cute. We plan to return to Iceland (without the passport eater) for our honeymoon, departing October [date redacted], 2022. Dillon (pictured) says he is very sorry and knows you must be busy replacing eaten passports because they are tasty.

"I had sent in my application to the passport office with the ripped up passport as evidence but they wanted an explanation as to why. The teeth marks weren't quite enough explanation I guess. I didn't have to do the pictures but I thought it would be fun. You might as well make a joke of it, there's really not any point in stressing over things you can't control," she explained.

The 47-year-old hasn't "heard anything back from the passport office yet," so she now faces a "tense" wait.

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