One woman's "happy marriage" imploded, and in hindsight, she should have noticed a few red flags.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the career-focused woman revealed her toxic former in-laws once tried to derail her from getting a promotion at work while she was busy wedding planning, all so her big day would be "done their way."

Thankfully, she got the last laugh.

"My ex-in-laws wanted my wedding to be done their way, but I refused ... My ex knew I was working towards a promotion and told his parents about it. They decided to attempt sabotaging my promotion by having my ex constantly harass me at work," the anonymous woman wrote in her Reddit post, adding that their long arguments often exhausted her and impacted her focus at work.

"When I confronted my ex about it, he told me, 'If you want to have any peace at home, then give in to everything my parents want for the wedding,'" she continued.

Livid, she decided "a little petty revenge was in order."

"I found a black dress for $40 online a week before the wedding to function as my wedding dress. Sometime before the wedding, my boss told me that my promotion would be announced at a meeting on the week of the wedding. So, I went to a local designer and bought a $500 dress to wear to work," she revealed.

The woman's power move stunned and mortified her former in-laws, but she wasn't done with her revenge plot. She also made sure all of her ex-husband's family and friends knew just how much she had spent on each dress.

"I remember saying something to the tune of 'weddings just aren't as important to me as my job is.' Apparently, that really embarrassed ex MIL and ex FIL," she shared.

The cherry on top of this revenge tale is that the woman eventually gifted the expensive work dress to her sister-in-law, who still wears it to this day.

"It's been almost a decade, I've divorced my ex and moved away, but from what I last saw on FB, ex-SIL is STILL wearing that dress to family events, no doubt ruining the mood for her witch of a mother," the woman divulged. "It's truly the gift that keeps on giving."

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