As spring rolls around and we start to do a little bit of spring cleaning, we tend to set stuff and little treasure outside without even realizing it is garage sale season. Don't fall victim!

The Chatfield Police Department issued a warning for this weekend that you will want to take all of your valuables away from your yard unless you want them to get swooped up this weekend during Chatfield Trash and Treasure days!

As you can see, every year the Chatfield Police Department gets calls that their property was stolen during the garage sale season. A lot of people will see something on the street or on the edge of your property and think it is free to take.

Now, I never leave anything on my curb unless it is trash, but I do not have much to offer. You may have something much more, so it is a good reminder to keep your stuff locked up and safe during this weekend when many people from out of town will be roaming the streets.

If you want to more information about the city-wide garage sales in Chatfield, you can get that right here.

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