Peacebunny Island is the ULTIMATE summer camp, though it's not for kids...In fact, if you're under 14 years old, you're not even allowed to visit the island. Instead, the island is an oasis for bunnies.

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In 2018, as a teenager, Caleb Smith purchased several islands along the Mississippi River near Newport. One island being the 22-acre sustainable paradise called Peacebunny Island.

On the Peacebunny Island website, Smith writes, "We care for rare breed rabbits and rescues...and the rabbits rescue us right back." 

And rescue is just what Smith and his team do. According to the website, these rabbits get high-class treatment. 

"Together they spend warm lazy summer days at the Peacebunny Cottage and out on the main island. Some days we go island hopping by boat to our nearby partner islands we call "Hope" and "Hoppiness." The youth Bunny Guardians also take the rabbits to schools and educational events while providing a major role in all parts of the business."

It sounds like a great way to live if you ask me! In rabbit 'school' Smith 'educates' the bunnies on how to be therapy animals.

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To sustain the island, Smith doesn't allow tourists to visit the area. However, he occasionally holds contests where followers can win a chance to island-hop between the mainland and the partner islands.

A blog on the website explained that Peacebunny Island may have to look for a new location in the future, as the mainland owners of the Peacebunny Farm are selling their property. It's hard to say what the future looks like for the nonprofit.

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